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Liposuction has become one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today. Liposuction removes excess fat to add contour to your body. Safety and outstanding results have made liposuction the preferred method for removing fat from virtually any area of the body including hips, thighs, abdomen, “love handles”, neck, arms, knees, buttocks, calves and ankles. Dr. Robert N. Young is a board certified plastic surgeon who was a pioneer with fat reduction techniques and liposuction.

Large amounts of fat can now safely be removed giving the patient a ‘jump start’ in their weight reduction. Patients can become more motivated after liposuction since they can see a noticeable difference immediately. Liposuction is a popular alternative for both men and women, and is a procedure that Dr. Young has received outstanding results with. It is an appropriate choice for those who want to eliminate fatty areas but do not have excessive loose or hanging skin.

Pricing for liposuction is determined by the number of areas being treated. Dr. Young will help determine the number of areas in your Consultation visit, and will give you a realistic idea of how much fat can safely be removed. He can also discuss your questions regarding SmartLipo, LipoDissolve, Mesotherapy and other alternative methods of liposuction, as well as addressing questions of local vs. general anesthesia during liposuction in San Antonio, TX.

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It was the best experience. I will recommend Dr. Young & staff to everyone considering surgery!!!
All of the staff from the front desk to discharge were wonderful. My spouse was VERY well informed. It was quick, convenient and I was handled with care. Thanks to Stephanie, Kelley, Gabe, Dr. Young and Anesthesia MD. All were wonderful.
My experience was outstanding. Dr. Young was recommended by my daughter (name) and I will highly recommend Dr. Young to my family & friends! Thank you Dr. Young for this wonderful experience.

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