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CareCredit offers the following benefits:

  • Reach dedicated service representatives toll-free, 24-7 for assistance with the application process.
  • Pay up to 120 days post-procedure, or up to 30 days before a procedure, with the Pay My Provider online payment portal website
  • Explore financing options, estimate monthly payments, and apply for a CareCredit credit card via an easy, all-in-one tablet solution in the office.

LendingUSA – Financing Life’s Important Moments

  •  Fast and Easy Loan Application – You can apply online, or right at your merchant or service provider’s place of business.
  • Quick Pre-approval Decisions – You can check your rate in minutes and receive a pre-approval decision within seconds, so there’s no waiting around in suspense. If more information is required, we’ll contact you immediately. 

With the Alphaeon credit card, you receive the:

  • Widest array of monthly payment options to help you reach your wellness, beauty, and performance goals
  • Special financing plans that are not always readily available with traditional credit cards
  • Ability to use your card again for yourself or family members with no need to reapply and no annual fee*

Your Best You is Closer Than You Think!
*Standard variable APR of 26.99%, based on the Prime Rate, Minimum Interest is $2.00 per credit

Parasail – Patient Financing for out of pocket expenses

  • In an effort to make care accessible to all of our patients regardless of their financial situation, we’ve partnered with Parasail to find patientfriendly payment plans that fit their needs. Parasail is a unique lender in the field of medical loans. Unlike credits cards, Parasail has fixed interest rate loans based on your financial information, no fees and affordable payments that can be spread out monthly to fit your budget to ensure that you get the care that you need. 
  • With a single application, Parasail will search loan offers from all of the top online lenders without effecting your credit score – and you can select the right fixed-term loan option for you. Find more out about Parasail here

United Medical Credit offers loans of up to $35,000 for cosmetic surgeries with the following benefits:

We realize that the cost of procedures is important to most everyone. Dr. Young has established his pricing to be competitive within the San Antonio market. Because of his experience and expertise, Dr. Young could choose to set his prices much higher, but he has chosen to keep his prices affordable and within reach of the patient base which has made him one of the most widely recognized and sought-after cosmetic plastic surgeons in San Antonio and South Central Texas.

  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Competitive interest rates
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Multiple loan term plans to choose from
  • Interest free financing options (on approved credit and provider participation)

Here, we can help you learn about the Cost of Cosmetic Surgery, how to Schedule Your Surgery, how much are Payments and when are they due, how to get Financing for Your Cosmetic Surgery, and What to do after financing approval.

Verbal & e-mail pricing

We’re happy to let you know the fees for surgeries you are interested in and don’t require that you come in to our office to find out whether it is in your budget or not. But, there are so many procedures, and so many different possible combinations that it is best to come in to see Dr. Young so that you can get an estimate reflecting your exact needs and desires. Many of our popular combinations offer savings over the procedures performed separately, and an e-mail or verbal estimate may not accurately reflect these bundled savings.

Use our Request Information form above to get approximate prices for the procedures you’re most interested in. Fees you will receive via phone or e-mail are approximate costs and are not binding until Dr. Young has had the opportunity to meet with you in a Consultation Visit to assess your individual needs, your health history, and appropriateness of surgery. They are intended to give you an accurate idea of the costs associated with cosmetic surgery procedures you are interested in, and can be helpful in applying for patient financing, loans, or other planning.

The information you receive will include the average fees for the procedure(s) you checked. Fees include surgeon fee for Dr. Young, operating room fees, fees for anesthesia by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, your pre-operative appointment, post-surgical garments (if needed), and all of your post-operative appointments for the first year.

We hope that you don’t base your selection of a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon solely on cost alone. However, we realize the cost is always a big factor in your decision, and strive to keep our pricing very competitive within the San Antonio market. When comparing estimates or quoted fees from other surgeon offices, be sure to find out whether the fees given to you include all of the fees we’ve listed above. You want to be able to accurately compare “apples to apples”, so you can best judge fees received.

Sometimes, fees given prior to a full examination by another surgeon will exclude costly parts of your surgery such as OR fees or anesthesia fees (which, for some surgeons, are paid separately because payments are made to a hospital, an outpatient surgery center, or an independent anesthesiologist). Since Dr. Young owns his own AAAASF Certified Outpatient Surgery Center, and the staff we use are our own, we are best able to control costs. We always include them in fees that we give.

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Young’s surgery pricing includes your Surgeon fees, the Operating Room fees, your Anesthesiologist fees, your pre-operative visit and all of your post-operative follow up visits for the first year. It is important, when comparing quotes from others, to make sure that you are comparing “apples to apples”. Some offices give a quote that may only include the surgeon fees, or the surgeon fees with the Operating Room fees, and you will need to pay anesthesia and other fees out-of-pocket to the hospital or another physician who is performing the services. Find out whether the fees include everything.

The only fees which are not included in the fees we quote you by phone, e-mail or here on Dr. Young’s website, are labwork (standard bloodwork is $20, and can be more if you are over 45 and require an EKG, or if you have a medical condition which would make additional labwork necessary, etc.), your Surgery Vitamins, and any prescription medications which may be prescribed to you by your surgeon or your anesthesiologist such as antibiotics or pain medication, which is often covered by your health insurance.

Want fees for other procedures?
If you are interested in surgery fees contact our office for an estimated fee. Use the convenient Information Request forms, or call Iris, Sandra or Vanessa in our San Antonio offices at 210-496-2639. We’re happy to provide you with information you need in order to make an informed choice about cosmetic plastic surgery with Dr. Young.

Scheduling Your Surgery

Following your Consultation Visit with Dr. Young, you will receive a binding Quotation which is good for a period of six (6) months. Your quotation will be based on Dr. Young’s recommendations, and itemizes each of the fees that make up the price of your surgery. It will detail the amount you are paying to Dr. Young for his surgeon fees, the amount to your Board Certified Anesthesiologist, the amount to our Operating Room, as well as the costs of your Labwork, Garments and Surgery Vitamins, as well as any additional fees such as extended labwork, EKG or mammogram if needed. Prescription medications, such as antibiotics or pain medications, are usually paid for through your health insurance and are not included in any quotations we give.

After seeing Dr. Young, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your Surgery Coordinator who will answer any questions you have about your quotation, financing, taking time from work, preparing for surgery, and other matters. If you’ve already had the chance to think ahead of surgery dates you’re interested in, and will be ready to schedule your surgery, she will help guide you through the process of selecting your surgery date, your pre-operative visit, and the first of your follow up visits after surgery.

How much will I need to pay?

A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is due at the time you schedule your surgery in order to reserve these dates for you. This deposit is part of your total surgery fee, and is not an additional cost. Your Surgery Coordinator will review our policies regarding your deposit, surgery cancellations, financing, time off from work, and other important issues. The balance of your surgery fees are due at the time of your pre-op visit, usually two weeks before your surgery, but can be earlier or even the same day if you are wanting your surgery within a day or two of your consultation visit.

If you feel you’re ready for your surgery, and want it very quickly, we advise that you call ahead and speak with your Surgery Coordinator when you are setting up your consultation visit with Dr. Young. She can then make sure you’re aware of everything you will need in order to have the process go as smoothly as possible.

If you’re coming from out of town, out of state, or even out of country, we especially advise that call ahead to speak with your Surgery Coordinator. Our Coordinators have been with us for years and work with many patients who travel from afar and need to coordinate travel dates, accommodations, and sometimes even post-operative care.

Read Dr. Young's
It was the best experience. I will recommend Dr. Young & staff to everyone considering surgery!!!
All of the staff from the front desk to discharge were wonderful. My spouse was VERY well informed. It was quick, convenient and I was handled with care. Thanks to Stephanie, Kelley, Gabe, Dr. Young and Anesthesia MD. All were wonderful.
My experience was outstanding. Dr. Young was recommended by my daughter (name) and I will highly recommend Dr. Young to my family & friends! Thank you Dr. Young for this wonderful experience.

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