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Professional skin care products

Our Medical Day Spa offers medical grade skin care products which cannot be found in department stores or pharmacies. We know it can be confusing to confront the endless array of products all promoting better, healthier skin. But how do you sort out the gimmicks from proven, effective products? It's difficult to know how to choose between products that promote the use of peptides, antioxidants, growth factors, vitamin C, retinoids, hyaluronic acids, sun screens, etc. And, it's even more difficult to know whether the quantities of these "good" ingredients are enough to make the product effective.

Medical grade skin care products are available only through physician offices and have undergone extensive testing in order to meet the standards of professional products, and to bring you the active ingredients in strengths which provide the best results. Because the strength of the active ingredients are so much higher than what is available in stores or on-line, and is strictly regulated, your products may require a prescription in order to purchase. For your convenience, your prescription will be completed for you when you have your Consultation appointment at Dr. Young's San Antonio Medical Day Spa, and we have products on hand so you can get your start to healthier skin today.

Please contact us for more info, or call Brenda or Jacque at 210-496-2639 to schedule your complimentary Skin Assessment, or with any questions you may have.

Obagi Medical

Obagi® is a physician-prescribed skin care system designed to accelerate the cellular turnover and promote an increase of collagen, and has long been the "Gold Standard" in professional skin care. This System penetrates deep to improve damage in layers of the skin. It boosts functions of the skin at the cellular level to improve skin's cellular function to help it look and act younger and healthier.

  • Pushes fresher cells to the surface faster, for smoother skin, reduced wrinkles and increased tolerance
  • Reduces mottled pigmentation (freckles and age spots) and helps prevent the appearance of new pigmentation
  • Promotes more uniform cells at the deepest layer for better skin structure and balanced, more even skin tone
  • Helps increase collagen and elastin for firmer, more resilient looking skin
  • Increases natural hydration and circulation for supple, healthy-looking skin

NeoCutis Swiss Technology

NeoCutis offers Swiss Technology utilizing human growth factors with a proprietary skin care ingredient called PSP® (Processed Skin Cell Proteins). NeoCutis offer a complete line of professional skin care products designed to rejuvenate your skin, reverse sun damage and achieve better, healthier skin.

NeoCutis skin care products were developed after medical researchers at the University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland found that a biotechnology process that they had developed for scarless wound healing lead researchers to look at its effect at treating difficult skin conditions. The use of this preparation for daily skin care became apparent, and the components of Bio-restorative Skin Cream were selected in order to halt and reverse the effects of nutritive deficiency of sensitive, stressed or irritated skin.

Through years of research, physicians there discovered fetal skin has a unique ability to heal wounds without scarring. A dedicated cell bank was established for developing new skin treatments using a single biopsy of fetal skin. Originally established for wound healing and burn treatments, this same cell bank currently provides a lasting supply of cells for producing NeoCutis' PSP® products.

NEOCUTIS Bio-restorative Skin Cream, JOURNÉE Bio-restorative Day Cream, LUMIÈRE Bio-restorative Eye Cream and BIO-GEL Bio-restorative Chargé are the only products to contain PSP®. NeoCutis also offers Hyalis Refining Serum used for skin hydration, BLANCHE Skin Lightening Cream (Hydroquinone USP, 4% available by RX only), as well as Neo-Cleanse Gentle and Exfoliating Skin Cleansers.

NeoCutis' PSP® products provide the most complete and balanced combination of human growth factors and cytokines currently available, and is only available through medical offices. Please visit our Medical Day Spa for more information on how NeoCutis products can help you achieve healthy, youthful looking skin.


SkinMedica professional skin care products are the result of over a decade of research and professional use by leading dermatologists and innovators in laser skin resurfacing. SkinMedica was a pioneer in the use of human growth factors. Because we are committed to the research and development of better skin care products, we carry SkinMedica's TNS Recovery Complex as a great product to rejuvenate your skin, reverse sun damage and get better, healthier skin. TNS is a patented formulation designed to give your skin the natural growth factors, antioxidants, matrix proteins and collagens it needs for optimal health.


Tap into skin's own self-protective powers 24-hours a day with patented NIA24® - the first inside-out topical Niacin-Powered skin barrier-building system. Inside, this patented MicroNutrient delivery system brings a continuous-release form of Niacin to skin. Outside, the skin's barrier is restored and sign of damage are dramatically reversed, ensuring strong, better skin that's more resilient to sun damage.


Dr. Young believes in preparing his patients in the pre and post-operative periods to provide improved safety and optimal surgical outcomes. We offer the VitaMedica Surgery Program which is a pre and post-operative nutritional supplement system designed for patients undergoing surgical procedures. We encourage all of our surgery patients to use them for a fast, healthy surgery and recovery.

The Surgery Program is a comprehensive pre and post-operative nutritional supplement system designed specifically for patients undergoing operative procedures. The Surgery Program provides nutrients to speed wound healing, support the immune system, prevent infection, minimize inflammation and reduce bruising.

Our patients usually love the surgery vitamins so much, they ask how they can continue using them. We're pleased to offer vitamins formulated for everyday use in convenient 30-day "Daily Packs" for Healthy Skin, Dry Skin, and Aging Skin. Their AM/PM blend is well-balanced for energy and bone health.

We look forward to helping you achieve your personal cosmetic goals. Discover why Dr. Robert N. Young has such an outstanding reputation and enjoy that he is committed to excellent patient care at very affordable fees.



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