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San Antonio Breast Enlargement

San Antonio Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement is a more general term for any procedure that makes the breasts appear larger. This includes breast augmentation and breast lift. Each of these procedures usually involves breast implants, which will increase the breast size. San Antonio breast enlargement is very popular and Dr. Young maintains his reputation as one of the best breast surgeons in the area. Many women call into our office looking for some kind of breast enlargement procedure, so if you are considering one, please give us a call or fill out the form on this page.

San Antonio Breast Enlargement Techniques

There are four main techniques when it comes to a breast enlargement (augmentation) and the insertion of breast implants. The difference between them has to do with the type and placement of the incision.

Inframammary Technique

This is the most popular of the breast enlargement techniques. In inframammary breast enlargement, the implant is inserted in the fold where the breast meets the chest wall, leaving no visible scars. There is less impact on milk production in this technique because the glandular tissue is not affected.

Transaxillary Technique

This technique requires placement of an incision in the extreme upper, outer region of the breast, near the armpit to the torso. The incision will essentially be invisible even with the arm raised. The breast implants are usually placed below the muscle in this technique. The impact to milk production is usually minimal because the glandular tissue and nerves are largely undisturbed. As with the other incision techniques, placement of the implant above the muscle will result in greater impairment than placing them underneath.

Transumbillical Technique

The Transumbilical incision technique requires inserting the implant through an incision in the umbilicus (navel) and moving it into place in the breast. In this technique, no incisions are made on the breast or into the breast tissue, but the breast tissue can be disrupted and sometimes damaged as the implant is brought into position. Insertion through the umbilicus makes it difficult to position the implant accurately, requiring the use of a camera scope. It also permits placement only above the muscle. Like the Transaxillary incision technique, the Transumbilical incision technique preserves glandular function and nerve response so that the impact to milk production is usually slight. As with the other incision techniques, placement of the implant above the muscle will result in greater impairment than placement below.

Periareolar Technique

The Periareolar Incision technique requires an incision around the areola. Surgeons often use this technique to hide scarring. Placement of the implant in this location may result in considerable duct, glandular, and nerve damage, carrying significant risk to milk production. Ducts and glands are likely to be severed because the incision penetrates deeply through the breast tissue. If the implant is placed above the muscle, it may further impede milk production functionality by placing pressure upon the glandular tissue. This is the least popular augmentation technique and should be carefully considered and discussed with Dr. Young.

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